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"I would definitely recommend Allen! He completed a very thorough inspection paying special attention to the concerns we raised in the beginning. His years of experience in the business came through for sure!"
- Randy O.

Energy Loss Evaluations
NY Commercial & Residential Energy Audits & Thermal Imaging

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NY Infrared Scan and NY Energy Auditors has a combined team of certified infrared thermographers with a simple goal to help homeowners save energy. The services we offer will help you reduce energy consumption, leading to savings on energy costs. Our certified affiliates will evaluate your home from top to bottom and present you with a graphic detailed report identifying the locations of your heating - cooling loss, moisture intrusion or areas of missing insulation. An NY Infrared Survey of your home is just plain smart and you can play your part in the Green Movement. Your reduced utility consumption will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.

We now offer spray foam insulation!

We offer closed cell insect and rodent-proof fire-rated spray foam.
Our 7-per-inch
Additional work as necessary.

Our company prides itself by focusing on simple and often inexpensive remedies. Get the answers you need to take corrective action from our team of certified thermographers.  We offer to you our premier professional certified inspections. We do not sell doors, windows or insulation.

A Blower Door Fan Test may also be recommended. The blower door is sometimes used in conjunction with an infrared camera to help further identify the smallest of hidden air leaks or missing insulation.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs significantly by simply reducing the air leaks in your home.
Infrared Thermography is a proven diagnostic technique recommended by the US Department of Energy for identifying areas of heat or cooling loss. Considering your heating and cooling load can be up to 50% of your actual energy bill, a thermal scan of your home can identify where those wasted dollars are going-no matter what type of heating or cooling system you have.
Want an enhanced survey?
Our enhanced survey is a more detailed analysis of your home with the addition of a complete Structural Inspection. We will combine the Structural and Energy Survey at the same appointment for a significantly reduced price.

    Infrared image showing missing                            Infrared imaging showing
            fiberglass insulation                                       bad weather stripping
         Air leakage at an outlet                                 Air leakage at a ceiling light          
         during blower door test                                     during blower door test

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